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Global Development Solutions (GDS)

Global Development Solutions (GDS) is very unique; we offer first class professional solution on all aspects of property development from conception to finance, including marketing.  Our range of services includes orchestrating joint venture opportunities when required and Unit re-sales with large corporate and small private investors.  We offer property development opportunities in many existing and emerging markets. Years of experience working with investors and development companies all over the globe puts us in a prime position to source land and projects at the most competitive prices. With Globalization the world has experienced the expansion of the property investments market.

With Globalization the world has experienced the expansion of the property investments market.  This expansion has encountered various barriers witch we’ve identified:

  • Legalities
  • Access to high level contacts with in various organizations.
  • Product sourcing and access
  • knowledge of local geography
  • Language issues
  • Price and terms negotiations
  • Project and business plan creation
  • Cash flow projections
  • Need for project financing

Our vast experience has permitted us to develop solutions to overcome these barriers!

Land / Project Sourcing
GDS is constantly aware of the latest land and project opportunities in many international locations. We operate with a large network of carefully vetted contacts which grows on a daily basis, allowing GDS access to the latest prospective land options and joint land/construction opportunities at grass roots level, well before they become general knowledge.

Frequently, these services include sourcing land, then creating a project, which would include all the legal process and the research of the appropriate building applications in order to bring a project onto market.  We can also offer complete land and construction packages from existing developers, providing a straightforward and faster route to the market.

GDS will meet with any potential developer/investor initially to establish their objectives and requirements and then to provide the most suitable options available in our data bank.

Joint Venture Opportunities
GDS enjoys day to day contact with many investors, developers and land owners at various levels and in many countries. Through its vast network of trusted contacts, GDS is able to set up joint venture opportunities with land owners and individual investors or groups. Sometimes this method allows potential investors or developers to enter a market more vigorously than it would normally be possible without such partnerships. This provides enormous advantages to all parties involved.

Unit Resale Options
Global Development Solutions (GDS) can offer developers and investors the ability to swiftly and effectively sell units at the end of a project to secondary investors, generating the desired return on investment. GDS provides total marketing initiatives and controls a selected group of partner agents who will successfully orchestrate the resale of entire developments, including direct sales, unit allocation and administration.

View Land/Development Project Opportunities
We have several existing land/development opportunities of various scales.  They are all available for you to view. In addition, we strongly recommend you consult with a GDS advisor to request information on all opportunities, some of which may not have been added to our online catalog.

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